Vegan – Plant based

Raising your consciousness with food

So this is 2018.. the year of change !
I'm sure everyone of us, vegan or non-vegan had an extrem reaction hearing the word V E G A N for the first time.
I also thought 'oh no that's extreme and unnecessary'
when i first got introduced to what it means to live a vegan lifestyle.
Now .. today.. i predict that in 20 years no one will eat meat anymore and I wish and hope that we won't consume animal products anymore And abuse them..
I made it my mission to spread this message, share information and provide knowledge to help this change take place! 
Why is that?
Because most of the problems we are facing in the world today could be eradicated by stopping the consumption of meat, Eggs and dairy.
People are behaving the way they do (in their every day life) due to 'lack of knowledge' - eating unhealthy food and killing animals for no other reason then pleasure!
For decades humanity has been brainwashed by the meat and diary industry to buy their goods and false information about health care and nutrition. on top of that, by the time they got sick from consuming these products, they get treated for billions of Dollars by the Pharmaceutical industry, being part of the charade. 
A vicious circle!
I know that it is my destiny to help break this circle and to teach
the knowledge that is sop DESPERATELY NECESSARY to ensure a prosperous, caring and peaceful future for all of us - together - on this planet!
If you ask most people how they think and feel about animal abuse and cruelty the answers and reactions are pretty similar. Fortunately unnecessary harm and violence against animals  is not approved or tolerated in our society, so why is it so hard to become vegan then?
Maybe Because we don't get to see what happens in all the slaughterhouses? (By the way, where are they located exactly?)
Or because we have been taught that a chicken feels and thinks differently to a dog or a cat (it doesn't).
Or is it because
we have been told all these lies, that we need animal protein and calcium from milk to live a healthy life !?
When did we stop caring for animals? Remember when we were children Or even today when we see kids interacting with animals? These moments are captured the most in videos on youtube and Instagram..! There is always such an excitement, innocence and love towards when it comes to any kind of animal... That is also why people go on safari, go diving or in the forests to meet this beautiful creatures. even in the outback when we were driving past wild horses, it suddenly became a huge attraction.. people were shouting and felt amazed by the beauty of their wild, free and happy spirit.
James Aspey put it in  a nutshell in one of the greatest speeches of all times..
Since when was it extreme to not want to harm animals? When did that become extreme? What's extreme is to say we love animals and we are against animal cruelty but we pay people to mutilate and torture and slaughter animals for foods an products we don't need!
Source: Youtube
And i need to repeat that! We do not need animal products to survive! Animals are being abused for taste, feel, comfort and look!
That's extreme ! 
In my section Self Studies Vegan you can get the knowledge where to read, listen and watch all different sources i have been studying for the last 10 months. They are so precise and profound - i am not going to try explaining all their information here in my words.
But It's so important that we all support each other and help the earth to heal again! We are sharing this planet with all living beings and its about time that we start using our intelligence to save the environment and to make this world a better place! 
AFTER considering some of the knowledge you might share my prediction of having a meat free society in 20 years 🙂 
if i caught your attention then please continue reading and
follow me ..