After spending marvellous days in Bangkok we went on saturday evening to Cambodia.
Entering Siem Reap i felt how time has passed since i had been there in march, earlier this year. Unfortunately our Hotel had shut down Service since one month and we ended up in a very loud, really noisy, not so nice place in the Center, as substitue. Another 2 hours passed until we managed to find a much nicer place, a Little ouside the Center. The next day we enjoyed the City and the good Food and took the very exciting sleeping bus to Sihanoukville… a place i didn’t feel comfortable at all! IT IS VERY DIRTY EVERYWHERE AND IT THE ATHMOSPHERE IS GROSS!

So we took the first boat to paradise 🙂

Koh Rong Samloem is a beauftiful peace of earth, with only one large, White sand beach and no tourism. We enjoyed our Little hut next to the water and relaxed for two days, doing nothing. Heading back to Sihanoukville on Wednesday this lovely Resort saved us … so if you accidently end up in Sihanoukville go to this Hotel: Miiya Hotel

The next morning we left and drove by bus to Phnom Phen and had a fantastic but also shocking day (because of Pollution) in the capital of Cambodia.
Actually I was very happy to fly back home to Bangkok …


      Cambodia is a beautiful country with super friendly people and delicious food! I can't wait to share my trip from october 2018 here..
 and to fill up this section with more impressions & recommendations...!

Travel Diary & Recommendations



When ?  Last in october 2017               
In total 2 times

Where abouts ? 
Siem Reap, sihanoukville,
Koh Rong Samloem, Phnom Penh

accommodation ?
- lA nICHE dANGKOR boutique Hotel
                                       (Siem Reap)
Miiya Hotel
(Sihanoukville -Best Hotel Ever !!)

- Leng Meng Beach Bungalow
(Koh Rong SAMLOEM - Very basic)

Not so good .. 
Didn't like Sihanoukville so much but the islands were beautiful .. no tourism and long white sand beaches
- Don't do the floating village Tour - the worse trip of my life, abusing children and animals

Top Things to do ..
Island hopping
Night Sleeping Bus 😉