Hello and welcome back!

I spent the last 12 days in Bangkok updating and rewriting this blog!
It was such a beautiful and inspiring time and i am grateful for every minute. I got inspired by this amazing city and the great people i met!

After working almost 7 hours every day to finalize the content – i am finally ready to share what I’ve experienced and learned since October last year, when my travels started.
It was so good to take some time off and reflect what had happened the last couple of months. A lot has changed in my life and i hope by reading this blog, it might inspire you as well, to think about certain things and to make a change!

Tomorrow I’ll leave Bangkok and i am going to join
the 300h Yoga Teacher Training in Chiang Mai!
I am really excited to go back to the Ashram and to study for the next 6 weeks. I’ll keep you updated and share KNOWLEDGE ABOUT AYURVEDA and  Yoga Philosophy.

See you on the other side 😉
Namasté Elea


Oh my gosh – i am so excited for this feature..
This map showS my BELOVED FAVORITE places in Bangkok!
It is made by me and when you click on it you can see several different locations and and spots all over Bangkok!
You can save the map into your google account and use it when you are there!

Have fun and enjoy!



Many thanks to Jarek for showing me this feature 😉

Back in Thailand

For my big birthday there was only one wish and one present i really wanted!
– Spending some time in Bangkok and having a great holiday with my dad and sister!
Their final destination, after visiting me in Australia, was Thailand and so i booked me in and joined them on the 22nd of march on my favorite island in the world : Phi Phi Island!
We had such a fantastic time, snorkeling and relaxing in the sun.
A few days later i packed my bags and went to Bangkok where i ended up in the greatest hostel i have ever stayed at. Yim Yam Hostel & Garden is located at Ratachatewi in the center of Bangkok, almost next to MBK. It has nice quiet rooms, is super clean and has a great relaxed atmosphere. I felt like finding a diamond in the city and knew the moment i entered this place i will come back here for years and years!

Another great gift i got for my birthday – from my beautiful man –
was the DJI Osmo Mobile (stabilizer) and i started filming every loved corner in Bangkok. When i was leaving Thailand, with all the great footage i had shot, i recognized filming had become an addictive passion for me and i wanted to film more to share it on Youtube.
Not for promotional reasons but just to say thank you!

Thank you for all the great experiences i made and also to my family, for coming all the way down under and spending time with me! I am so grateful for everything that came along this journey and i am very excited what is going to happen next …


we finally made it and landed in the most beautiful and exciting City in the world: Bangkok !!!

after a Long goodbye tour in Germany we enjoyed our first massage and Thai Food lunch in Ramkhamhaeng and @SUKHUMVIT SOI 11.
We checked-in at the beautiful Galleria 10 sukhumvit bangkok and had a fantastic night out at our favourit Club cé la vie.
oNCE AGAIN I REALIZED – HOW SPECIAL AND MAGICAL THIS CITY IS AND HOW BEAUTIFUL THE PEOPLE AND THEIR ENERGY IS. That inspired me to list all amazing places i have been to so far in Bangkok and sahre it with you! Maybe you also get a Little inspired and hopefully get the Chance to visit my beloved places! Next stop is cambodia 🙂 see ya !





2014 i completed a semester abroad in bangkok - thailand -
and absolutely fell in love with the city & with Asia !
I traveled to many asian countries and KNEW that one day i would have to come back and live in this exotic, hectic and beautiful part of the world.
2016 I moved to Bangkok and the journey to myself began ...

i will always come back, to study, walking the streets of Bangkok and stay connected to these amazingly friendly and beautiful people!