After teaching Yoga almost full-time at trunkstudios in Sydney the day came where we had to say goodbye and started travelling again! We took the train to Byron Bay (13 hours !!!) and loved it  right away. The hostel we stayed in was incredible and full of nice people. The Backpackers Inn is located right at the beach and to get there you have to walk through a little sandy path in the woods that felt just like in the beach when Leo enters the beach for the first time! From Byron Bay we took the Bus  up to Brisbane and oh my god who would have thought that Brisbane is the most beautiful city in the world! Not the best – that’s Bangkok for sure – but honestly magnificently gorgeous. I was running around filming and absorbing this beautiful place, practicing yoga with our great host and Yogi Celine. We stayed in her apartment in the 48th floor with an outstanding view over Brisbane. I will never forget the weekend we spent there..

From there we rented a camper van driving all the way up the east-coast to Cairns. The highlights on this trip were the camping ground in Hervey bay and sailing on the Matador yacht to the Whitsundays.  The landscape was so beautiful, especially around Mackay and the way up to Cairns. Also living and cooking in our car was just an extraordinary experience. A great way to travel especially with your partner. After 11 days we finally arrived on the airport and were super excited for our last trip together …


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AV DOMINION MARCH // Sydney || feat. James Aspey & Joey Carbstrong


On the 30th of November 2017 we arrived in Melbourne and our
mission Australia started!
To be honest I was really hyped and impatient to find a job as soon as possible. That’s why we moved on very quickly to Sydney to settle down and find work. I would have never ever thought having my first interview in Australia for becoming a Hatha Yoga Teacher in a great Studio.
But i guess it was destined 🙂 that I started teaching 6 weeks later in a brand new, beautiful place in Dulwich Hill, Sydney. I am so grateful for this experience and the trust they showed in me!

Trunkstudios was the perfect place to start and I wish I could have stayed longer. Teaching my students inspired me so much, that I decided to go back to the Ashram and study more, to become a Yoga Teacher for life. It’s such a different and beautiful way of working and I hope I will be able to keep this feeling forever!
Doing what I love for work elates me and encourages me do follow this new path, although I have no clue how to proceed and where this is heading to … but as I learned from Michael A. Singer I trust and surrender to life!