In this part 'self studies' i share all the great knowledge that has come across my way. I will continuously update this section and announce new features on Instagram.
Make up your mind and see how easy it is to adapt and make a change in your life. Be it a change in your thinking, your practice, your food or your habits. I get goose fleshes talking and thinking about this change that slowly, but STEADILY, arises in this world..
because it is all connected. We are connected!
So Modifying your diet has not only a great impact on your own individual health, it can change the whole world. Stop using animal products. The excretion they produce and the amount of food we need to feed this animals are destroying this planet. It is also unethical to support this consumerism and at the same time people in africa are still dying of hunger ..!
Many people say it doesn't make a difference when only one person is changing but i say it does. We need to share, help and educate one another!
I hope some of the literature, links and videos inspire you and helps to accelerate your personal transformation process..