I always wanted to go to the Airport and just book a flight, not knowing in advance where i am going to spend the next couple of days. So when my Visa required a refresh i did exactly that. I took a cab and went to Don Muang Airport and asked on the Air Asia counter where the next and cheapest flight would head to! Haha unfortunately in times of internet it is a really stupid thing to do and the Lady on the counter was really confused why i would do that. She recommended me to sit down and book a flight online on my phone and then come back! But i wanted that experience so i booked the cheapest flight to Kuala Lumpur where two lovely friends of mine where about to spend the weekend anyways.  We had such a wonderful time - thank you so much! 

i really enjoyed the city and all the great experiences there! Everyone told me in advance that they didn't like Kuala Lumpur but i loved it! So no matter what everyone else is saying about a city or a place .. go and see for yourself!!! 😉