Ok, maybe i convinced you to look into veganism a little closer..
but how to get started?
Well, i would always start by watching ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘What the health’ available on Netflix. They are both made by the same producers and explain almost everything. I also love Michael Greger and his dry sense of humor explaining and researching everything. His book ‘How not to die’ shows in which way the western diet harms our body and why and how we should adapt to a plant-based diet. It is a really good book! He is also speaks in  many different documentaries and his most famous speeches are all available on Youtube.
Gaining knowledge and understanding WHY you should go vegan is in my opinion the most important part, because as i mentioned before, you have to be willing, committed and passionate about making a positive change in your life.
After taking the decision it is actually pretty simple: Don’t eat or consume anymore products that are made out of animal products or have been produced by harming them. Check the back of your favorite cereals. If they contain milk or milk-powder just substitute them with others who don’t. There is also a great online program called the
that helps and guides you the first 3 weeks. After your first day of being vegan you might get a proud comforting feeling in your stomach that you have actually survived a day without meat or your usal habits. Why? Because it is not like in a diet. I am talking to the ladys here especially 😉
It is not like being on a diet, changing your habits because we want to lose some weight.. It is not about restriction it is about adapting! So you can still eat as much as you want, get full, have an oreo cookie if you need something sweet and you are using your brain to be aware of what is inside the products you are consuming. It is actually fun and the good side of it is you will lose some weight! Guaranteed! I lost almost 10 kilos.. of course also due to my intense yoga practice and teachings but eating a nourishing whole foods plant-based diet has a profound impact on your whole body and system. I felt so much lighter and you know what stopped? Being hungry and craving for something all the time. Now i have a meal and thats it. No more after one hour i eat this and then just before dinner i’ll have this .. it just stopped and it feels amazing! Also a lot of people told me about their digestion and  how they didn’t know that it is normal to go to toilet for the big business up to 3 times per day (!!!). instead they went once every three days… oh my god imagine you have all this rotten flesh in your intestines for over threeeeeee daaaays!
So this topic will change eventually and you should be excited for this, the great skin you will get and the new happy feeling. Because all the depressing emotions of the killed animals and the suffering from cows who lost their babies  just after a couple of days or being killed in the slaughterhouses won’t be emitted into your body anymore.
When i accidentally had a Cappuccino with cow milk after 4 months being vegan i felt so bad! Not only in my stomach.. i got really depressed, sad and angry! That was due to all the hormones in the milk that are really not supposed to be consumed by human beings. We don’t drink mothers milk when we are grown up and most people feel disgusted by that thought. So how come we are the only species who drink mother milk from others? No other animal or creature does that. The milk a cow mommy produces is for her baby and her baby only , to turn it into a tonne heavy cow in a very short period of time! Drinking that milk as a human – man can get titts and women completely out of their hormonal balance.
But we have been told from when we were young it is good to substitute mothers milk with cows milk because of all the nutrients and the calcium to strengthen our bones.
Well its so sad but it is one of the biggest industrial lies of all times.
We have been brainwashed for decades to buy their products but in fact there is absolutely no reason why we should be drinking milk from any other species.
After telling my family that i became a vegan they were so great and tried it all or at least stopped eating meat. When my grandma was craving for cheese after a few month and had buckled up for some she was so sick all night that she had to call the ambulance the next morning. She stayed vegan since 😉
I hope i was able to inspire you a little bit to get started! I will share more information soon and i will also tell you all about my studies as i will become a certified nutrition coach focusing on plant-based diet. If you need help or have any kind of questions please contact me or leave a comment here. I would love to hear about your experiences and how you started becoming vegan. Good Luck and all the best to you!