When ?
    December 2017 to may 2018


Where abouts ?
Melbourne, Uluru, Sydney, East-Coast up to Cairns

Which accommodation?
- Sydney: The Village Surry Hills (Must!!!)
- Byron Bay: Backpackers Inn
- Hervey Bay: Scarness caravan park
- airle beach: Island gateway Holiday Park
Cocks Comb - veteran Mountain camp
Leap Hotel near mackay (free)
Bobinda Boulders (free)


Vegan Food ..
(highly recommended)
- Sydney:
Lentil as Anything
Golden Lotus
Vina Vegan Restaurant
Blue Gelato (!!!)
Soul Burger
Hari's Vegetarian
Bodhi Restaurant
Funky Pies (Bondi)

elixiba (Byron Bay)

Not so good ..
listening to others opinion about a place
- go and explore yourself

Top Thing to do ..Ayers Rock (!!!)
Blue Mountains
Cooberrie wildlife senctuary (Rockhamptons)
Fraser Island


My time in Australia was amazing and a very important step on life’s journey.. Although not always easy!
Finding your path is about surrendering and let go. For me it was time in Sydney to let go of certain patterns and accepting that things had changed in my life. Also exploring what is good for me and what isn’t and what I want in and for my life was pretty intense. I had to make some decisions and take action.. sometimes intently and sometimes

The greatest experience in Australia was visiting Uluru (Ayers Rock) on my 30ths birthday! My Daddy and my sister came all the way down under to visit me and spend this day with me. We booked a great trip  with The Rock Tour for 4 days and 3 nights in the australian desert.
The power of this magical place still fascinates me. Being there felt like having a spiritual awakening. The island Stone carries great power and cultural significance for the local indigenous tribes. It is one of the most spiritual places on earth and After visiting the outback a lot of things fell into place and my journey moved on…

Right after I decided to go back to the Ashram, dedicate myself to Yoga and continue to share my experiences here. I also got the DJI Osmo Mobile  Stabilizer for my birthday from my lovely man and that’s when I started filming everything and everywhere I went.

After almost 5 months living in Australia and haven’t seen much from it yet, we finally hit the road and started travelling again! We went up the east coast and absolutely loved it! What a beautiful, beautiful country! I am so grateful for all the places we have seen and people we met! 
I can only advice you and encourage you :

If you are under 30 and somehow able to afford it -
                    go and apply for the Working Holiday Visa!
Book a flight and change your perspective! Step out of your comfort zone - it’s so worth it and such a great opportunity to work and travel at the same time! It is not forever and you will grow as a person. you can earn a lot of money in Australia Also and try something new or something you always wanted to experience.

It was definitely a great experience to me and brought me closer to myself.
Now I am ready for the next step on my journey..

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