These past weeks have been life changing and such a great experience!
Thus it was very exhausting and intense studying, every day!
We lived at our great teachers home -Jeenal & Daniel- in an Ashram in Doi Saket (Chiang Mai) and learned that yoga is much more than just physical exercise (called Asana practice) because Yoga is actually a holistic path to self-realization!

At 6:30 our day started with meditation. At seven o’clock we had asana practice in the yoga hall until breakfast at 8:30. At 10 our first lesson of the day started with Daniel, mostly about Yoga tradition and philosophy! Then we had class with Jeenal until lunch time. We practiced purification techniques or learned about plant based diet and Ayurveda. In the first 2 weeks we had a relaxation session after lunch at around 1:30 which was also guided by us students. Very relaxing 🙂 In the afternoon we had praNayama breathing lesons and Yoga Sutra classes (by Patanjali) with Jeenal until our asana teacher session in the afternoon, starting at 5! The day ended with chanting and meditative reflection of the day and with a very healthy dinner at 6.30! Usually I started studying at 7.15 till 9.15 and went to bed right after!

I will miss these Ashram days, concentrated, healthy and focused!